What are the different kinds of blinds that you can choose for your home? 

Choosing the right blinds for the windows at your home is a tricky affair. There is no dearth of window blinds designs and styles. Well, unless you know what kinds of blinds are available in the market, you can’t make a decision. Here is a brief discussion on different kinds of blinds that can be bought from a leading blinds company in Bromley. Go through it and understand which would suit your requirements in the best possible way. 

  • Roller blinds – These are the most common type of blinds. They roll up and down with the help of a cord. The blinds may have different fabric on either side to make it more interesting. They are undoubtedly an affordable option. They are ideal for informal settings like a home office. The blind can be cut into different sizes as per your needs. 
  • Vertical blinds – They are perfect for the floor-to-ceiling windows. They are usually used in conservatories and summerhouses. The sections of the blinds hang from a track. They slide to the side as they are opened. 
  • Roman blinds – These blinds give a more formal appearance. They are mostly made from fabrics. They are operated by a pulley. While raised, it concertinas into big horizontal pleats. This ensures a good portion of the fabric on the show. You can apply a DIY technique to make such blinds. You can also buy them from the store. Customization is possible with such blinds as suggested by a leading blinds company Bromley. They are available in a wide range of linings. 
  • Venetian blinds – They are slatted ones made from metal, wood or plastic. They look good in bathrooms and sleek kitchens. Though they are available in wood as well, plastic or metal blinds would be a more practical choice for the rooms with high moisture. The blinds allow filtering the light. And thus they are a good choice for the home office. 

So, you are now aware of the different types of blinds. Blinds are more affordable options than curtains and bespoke drapes. They come in many styles, as you have already seen. They are available in different colours as well. Blinds are perfect to ensure lighting control and privacy. With the blinds, you can control the lighting without compromising with privacy. They are multi-functional. Some of the varieties of blinds have the capability to block harmful UV light and thus they protect your furniture. Blinds are available with child-safety features as well.